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List of Facial Expressions Indications: Eyebrows squeezed together to form a crease, eyelids are tight and straight, slightly lowered head, eyes look upwards through a lowered brow, tightening of facial muscles, tight lips, flaring nostrils, and an intense gaze. To make a particular facial expression - thesaurus. Related words. bug out phrasal verb. if someone’s eyes bug out, they open very wide, for example because the person is shocked by something. curl your lip phrase. to pull your top lip upwards at one side in a way that shows that you are annoyed, bored, or do not respect someone.

Jan 15,  · Slight shifts in stance and changes in facial expression tend to happen naturally over the course of a conversation or social interaction. Though, someone with a consistently erect posture or fixed. A grimace is a twisted facial expression showing disgust or pain. Which of the following activities would most likely result in a person grimacing? A. watching a movie from a seat in the middle of the theater B. trying to lift something that is extremely heavy C. winning a championship tennis game D. getting a new job that pays well.

Sep 09,  · Welcome to the 9th Grade Vocabulary Quiz: Prefixes and Suffixes! Prefixes are letters that are added before a word, while suffixes are added after the word. These add-ons either modify a word or make up a new word. Every suffix and prefix is designed to give a specific meaning, and in this quiz, we aim to test out how well you know them and what they mean. All . One example of this mind-body overlap is the relationship between emotions and facial expressions. Social psychologists have shown, for instance, that our facial expressions are associated with specific emotions and are interpreted similarly across a breadth of human cultures. This suggests that, irrespective of language or culture, emotions.