Cindy Starfall knows all the dirty tactics - domination boost team tactical mw2


domination boost team tactical mw2 - Cindy Starfall knows all the dirty tactics

Jan 17,  · 3rd Person Team Tactical (any game with party chat works). for your friend and you connect into the searching screen. out, only you, join a cage match, then tell him to back out. will be sent to the party then automatically sent back to . Mar 18,  · Domination involves the same maps used in MW2's Team Deathmatch modes, but the conditions for victory are that teams gain points for the amount of time certain points on the map are 'controlled'.

It basically renders 3rd Person Team Tactical useless. Basically people can trick the game into putting random people into their private match games. It really sucks because I have no interest in playing stupid game modes where people boost. Why would I want to play domination with no cap? Not to mention private matches have no bearing on my stats. Modern Warfare 2's first downloadable content, a five-map set called the "Stimulus Package," finally makes its way to PlayStation Network tomorrow after remaining exclusive to .

Jun 20,  · Tactical Insertions DO have a purpose other than boosting. You use them to flank the other team, because if you die you will respawn where ever you lay it. Therefor giving you and advantage and a change to flank from behind, if you don't see the real purpose for them besides boosting, then I'm guessing you don't know to much about Mw2. Dec 30,  · need 20 people,i can lock lobbys leave your psn in comment this is for mw2, I WANT PEOPLE THAT ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SCORE BOOST ON DOMINATION!!!