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CSCI sets biological benchmarks for a site based on its site-specific environmental setting. Finally, the CSCI combines two separate types of indices, each of which provides unique information about the biological condition of a stream: a multi-metric index (MMI) . CSCI offers a comprehensive package that includes everything from competitive compensation and benefits to a culture that provides a balance between family and work and encourages your professional growth. We seek qualified candidates to join our skilled and experienced team of industry leaders and technical experts.

Milestone 1: Complete MATH , CSCI , and CSCI , all with a grade of "C-" or better, before registering for any CSCI course numbered higher than An overall SCSU GPA of at least and a program GPA of at least (including transfer courses) is required to register for any CSCI course numbered higher than Feb 10,  · Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: Take one course in each group: Group 1 (MATH or MATH ) and Group 2 (CSCI or CSCI or CSCI ) Classroom Hours - Laboratory and/or Studio Hours – Course Credits: CSCI Elements of Discrete Structures: 3: .

CSCI is one of the preeminent structural shell contractors in Florida. We service large production home builders, high-end custom builders, and commercial and industrial general contractors. One of the most exciting projects in the lab is to use state-of-the-art in vivo Ca2+ imaging techniques in freely behaving mice to image the “online” activity of adult-born neurons in the brain during behavioral tests of learning & memory, and during stress-induced anxiety-like behavior.