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How Condom Size app helps It's pretty simple - this app will help you find the right condom size in just a couple of easy to follow steps. The app will instruct you on how to take your measurement and after you input your vital stats you'll find out what's the best condom size for you. There are several condom size charts that comes with this app (US, UK and GE) from /5(). Pick right Condom Size. Most guys are so embarrassed about buying condoms that they just buy the first one preferred by the local pharmacy and scuttle away before anybody notices. But there is a big problem with this approach – you might pick a generic condom that is the wrong size and hence, the wrong fit.

Dec 25,  · Condoms and penis sizes go hand in hand; pick a condom that is too tight, and you can say goodbye to a comfortable and safe session. Make them too loose,. and you can get unwanted pregnancies and more exposure to health risks.. Whenever condoms are raised as a topic of conversation, it usually changes to questions of bizard.xyz conversation then goes to . Using one of three easy measuring options, you can find the right condom fit for you. Measure up, and get your perfect fitted condom shipped direct to your home.

Be ready with these smart answers to the most common lame excuses for not wearing a condom. Some Questions & Answers About Sex For Couples Compromise, Openness, Unselfishness. These ingredients are subjects Logan Levkoff, Ph.D., Sexologist & Relationship Expert, takes on for couples to enjoy a healthier sex life together. Mar 15,  · Beyond size, condoms are really only referenced in relation to safer sex. They’ve been around for over 11, years and remain the best way to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy and Author: Loren Cecil.