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Oct 01,  · Adults with good recovery after pneumococcal meningitis appeared to have significant neuropsychological abnormalities. The main cognitive impairment in these patients was loss of cognitive speed. Cognitive slowness was related to . Cognitive development is the way our thinking and understanding of the world around us changes and develops from birth to adulthood. Physical development, such as cruising, walking and picking up items helps your toddler to accelerate her fine motor and cognitive development skills. Your toddler’s language will really start to develop as she begins to understand the .

Aug 24,  · We found moderate evidence that surviving bacterial meningitis has a deleterious impact on IQ and development but no evidence that viral meningitis had meaningful cognitive impacts. Survivors of bacterial meningitis should be routinely offered screening for cognitive deficits and developmental delay in addition to hearing loss. Dec 02,  · Cognitive development does not follow a set format but is influenced by various factors. Each child has different cognitive strengths, and cognitive training can help improve their less dominant skills. A little guidance and encouragement from the parents are what a child needs to figure out the things around him/her.

Sep 24,  · The CDC estimates 85 to 90 percent of people (babies and adults) with meningitis due to meningococcal bacteria survive. Around 11 to 19 percent will have long-term effects. Around 11 to 19 percent. Cognitive Impairment in Adults With Good Recovery After Bacterial Meningitis - PubMed Adults without neurologic sequelae after bacterial meningitis are supposed to live without restrictions.