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Dec 23,  · Whether your audience is fond of cheesy or clever, these icicle-sharp jokes will guarantee laughs (or groans) all around — and will even make the best messages for those funny Christmas cards. Oct 19,  · Cheeseball or not, the jokes were entertaining and made me smile. Thanks! Happy Holidays to you:) Melissa Propp from Minnesota on November 25, Very funny, I especially liked the adult jokes. You gave me several chuckles. Thanks! James Timothy Peters from Hammond, Indiana on November 25, These are perfect.

Dec 02,  · Christmas Jokes for Adults Christmas jokes are popular all over the world, but they are more popular in the West. Most of the Christmas jokes are in English while some of them are in the local languages. English Christmas jokes are so popular because English is widely spoken in the language. Oct 16, - Explore Nancy's board "Christmas humor" on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas humor, holiday humor, christmas jokes pins.

Sep 25,  · How does Santa Claus take a picture? With a North Pole-roid. We have a lot of christmas jokes for you, so just keep on reading. Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, but remember; If you cross a snowman with a vampire, You’ll get frostbite. Dec 08,  · Lifestyle Christmas 59 best Christmas jokes for kids funny one-liners and puns to make children laugh this Xmas What kind of motorbike does Santa ride?