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Jan 01,  · Though bound together by blood and destiny, the Halliwell sisters could not have been more different. Yet, the discovery that they are powerful good witches, foretold as the Charmed Ones, creates a bond that reaches far beyond petty sisterly grudges, and they band together to keep their otherworldly witchcraft a secret, to vanquish all evil, and save innocents while living their lives as. Sep 17,  · Leo agreed with Piper that the baby's last name should be Halliwell instead of Wyatt because of the name's magical significance. Piper eventually thought of the idea of giving him the first name of Wyatt to honor Leo and the middle name of Matthew to honor Paige, after she risked her life to save her nephew from bounty hunters.

Charmed Wyatt/Chris, Phoebe/Cole, Piper/Leo Warning: incest, dub-con Rated NC for ch8 Plot: The Charmed Ones plus Leo follow a portal in order to find Chris and end up in the unchanged future where they discover a lot, including some things they would rather have never known. prue charmed piper phoebe halliwell paige leo witch magic wyatt pheobe chris whitelighter powerofthree cole pruehalliwell demons charmedones phoebehalliwell piperhalliwell Stories Sort by: Hot.

Leo bristled, "What the hell is that supposed to mean!" "It means all you ever do for that boy is cause trouble!" Leo opened his mouth to yell back, but then Wyatt let out a shrill cry. The baby had been patient enough, but now he demanded attention. Paige jostled him and murmured, but Wyatt continued to wail. Piper slid off the stool and went. Aug 28,  · Leo summons his adult sons from the future to help him unravel the mystery and rescue the Charmed Ones. It's a story with enough character and mystery that it could easily have been a strong episode of the series. It could have used more drama and play between Leo, his sons, and Piper. But still, an excellent spin-off. Grade: A-Reviews: