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causes of elevated protein level in adult humans - Swimmer Takes Sperm As A Protein Supplement

The causes of high protein in the blood can range from mild to severe. High blood protein can be a sign of a condition that’s not so serious, like mild dehydration. High blood protein may also indicate inflammation or infection in the liver, kidney disease, HIV or AIDS, multiple myeloma or amyloidosis – the buildup of proteins in your organs. Dec 14,  · Causes for Elevated Total Protein Having lower-than-normal total protein levels is a symptom of many conditions, but high levels are a bit unusual. Chronic inflammation due to .

Apr 04,  · Certain diseases can lead to either high protein level or low protein. Since albumin is abundant in blood it is more than globulin in ratio. In a healthy individual the protein level is between 6 to 8 gm/deciliter. Conditions that cause rise in level of liver protein . A high total protein level could indicate dehydration or a certain type of cancer, such as multiple myeloma, that causes protein to accumulate abnormally. If the result of a total protein test is abnormal, further tests will be needed to identify which proteins are too high or too low. This will enable an accurate diagnosis to be made.

Protein is a macronutrient. Unlike a "micronutrient," the body needs it in larger amounts. It is utilized for muscle growth, cell regeneration and to promote a healthy immune system. When it is digested in the body, a waste product called "urea" gets produced. Apr 16,  · Some studies have suggested an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease associated with elevated c-reactive protein levels even after correcting for the other risk factors. A relation also seems to exist between an increased c-reactive protein level and the presence of known cardiac risk factors, such as. advanced age, diabetes mellitus.