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Feb 08,  · Adult son has no friends, job, life; do I keep hands off?? by Barbara» Sat Apr 01, pm. Hi. I'm a year old working mom. My 23 year old son lives with his father, and we all get along ok, except that I am sad and worried about my son. He has no friends, has not looked for a job since he had to leave college, has never had a. Oct 08,  · Another couple, Theresa and Harvey Beldner, both 50, moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Buffalo, New York, when Harvey got a new job. They have three adult children no longer living at home and a year-old son who does. Normally, school is a place they'd meet others. But, “the school shut down four days after we arrived,” Theresa says.

Make Friends Gender Female Find female friends online. It doesn't matter your location or gender to find female friends online on ChatKK. If you are a person who interested in female friendship online then you are in the right page to find female friends from your country or . As adults, we rarely have that kind of consistency outside of work.” Nelson suggests joining groups that meet on a regular basis, such as a associations, .

Jan 18,  · I'm a 19 year old girl,just a bizard.xyzsed with asperger's and ad/hd. I don't have any friends. So can we be friends. Here is my email address: [email protected] I got bullied in school and people say that hate me cause I'm disabled. I'm now in a adult . But I’m an adult person, and sometimes an adult person wants to do a social activity with a friend. Or maybe that adult person wants a group of friends to .