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Miley Cyrus headlined Adult Swim’s annual upfront party Wednesday night in New York City. The superstar, known for her eclectic style and performances and no stranger to headline-making antic. Details on the Adult Swim Upfront , including 8 new series, 8 pilots, the acquisition of "Bob's Burgers," and returning series.

Premise. Each episode of World Peace was the Adult Swim standard of eleven minutes in length, and starred Million Dollar Extreme troupe leader Sam Hyde and frequent collaborators Nick Rochefort and Charls Carroll. Erick Hayden, another MDE sketch collaborator, also appeared in four episodes in an "also starring" role. Andrew Ruse, who worked with the troupe in the past, directed the series in. On May 7, , it was announced that MDE were slated to have their own live action minute sketch show on the cable network Adult Swim. It was to be set in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world that satirizes the current political climate. [2].

Jan 21,  · In the recent past, Adult Swim was the only other Turner property to have a public face in New York during the week, with a post-Upfront party and usually a big guest or performer. Thu, Feb 11 Fri, Feb 12 Sat, Feb 13 Sun, Feb 14 Mon, Feb 15 Tue, Feb 16 Wed, Feb