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3. A Duke university student made the mistake of disclosing her porn star status to her peer. It wasn't long before the campus knew about Bella Knox, their fellow colleague porn star. It didn't end on gossip, since her story hit the news, with her real name exposed in the process. Mar 23,  · Going on to do more adult roles since, she has been seen in movies like Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers, Machete Kills, and Gimme Shelter. Once involved in a long term relationship with her co-star Zac Efron, in a series of private photos it seemed like were taken for him were leaked online. Victimized by another slew of private photos of.

The Tragic Truth About Dove Cameron No One Knows. Subscribe: Jul 18,  · From Mary Poppins star Michael Garber to Cameron Bryce of The Descendents, let's take a closer look at these Disney stars who tragically passed away. As an adult.

Mar 14,  · WFTV describes her as a "former model," but an IMDb profile lists Aurelia Kambic as the real name of porn star Cameron Caine (sometimes credited as Cameron Cain). Reverse-image searches on several. Host Andy Cohen had Cameron Bure, 39, to cover her ears as he revealed the title of the adult film is Fuller Holes. That's when the actress revealed what .