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If you need a support plan, we may need - with your permission - to talk to other health or social care professionals to ensure you get the right help. A needs assessment will help you identify what your needs are and how best they can be met. Support plans are reviewed regularly. Oct 25,  · Request social care support for an adult. If you think you, or someone you know, needs help to cope day-to-day, you can ask us for social care support. Show all. 1Find out what help is.

Social needs are important basic human needs. When social needs are not satisfied it can also lead to mental and physical health problems. Especially for older adults satisfying social needs is important to sustain wellbeing and quality of life. Younger people often also . If you need practical help and support because of your illness, disability or age, then social care services can help you. This help and support could be: accommodation. help at home with tasks such as shopping, cleaning and bathing. day centres. live-in care services.

Adult social care Arrange a social care conversation A conversation is simply a discussion between yourself and a social work professional to understand what help and support you might need coping with life on a day to day basis and living independently in your own home. Aug 05,  · Examples of social needs include love, belonging, acceptance and safety. Satisfaction of these needs is important in order to feel supported and accepted. Having one's social needs met also helps prevent problems such as loneliness, depression and anxiety. When a person develops an emotional connection with other people, he can more easily cope with depressing situations and can .