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Hydrocephalus is the medical term for when cerebrospinal fluid builds up and creates abnormally high pressure in the brain. Get answers to frequently asked hydrocephalus questions, including whether hydrocephalus is genetic, fatal, or goes away on its own. May 26,  · Hydrocephalus is frequently referred to as "water on the brain". Everybody has fluid that cushions their brain, rather like a shock absorber, but few people are aware that the fluid surrounding the brain—called "cerebrospinal fluid"—can, for reasons doctors don't understand completely, increase so that it causes increased pressure on the brain.

Variable: Hydrocephalus in a previously normal adult can present with headaches, memory problems, imbalance or visual symptoms. Acute hydrocephalus can cause le. Hydrocephalus that develops in children or adults Acquired hydrocephalus can affect children or adults. It usually develops after an illness or injury. For example, it may happen after a serious head injury or as a complication of a medical condition, such as a brain tumour.

Benjamin D. Elder, M.D., Ph.D., a neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, discusses adult-onset hydrocephalus, including idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus and idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Schedule your appointment now for safe in-person care. Learn more: Mayo Clinic facts about coronavirus disease (COVID) Our COVID patient and visitor guidelines, plus trusted health information Latest on COVID vaccination by site: Arizona patient vaccination updates Arizona, Florida patient vaccination updates Florida, Rochester patient vaccination updates .