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Nov 23,  · Some eye problems are minor and don't last long. But some can lead to a permanent loss of vision.. Common eye problems include. Refractive errors; Cataracts - clouded lenses; Optic nerve disorders, including glaucoma; Retinal disorders - problems with the nerve layer at the back of the eye; Macular degeneration - a disease that destroys sharp, central . Mar 08,  · Adult-onset vitelliform macular dystrophy (AVMD) is an eye disorder that can cause progressive vision loss. AVMD affects an area of the retina called the macula, which is responsible for sharp central vision. The condition causes a fatty yellow pigment to accumulate in cells underlying the macula, eventually damaging the cells. A.

Genetic factors play a role in many kinds of eye disease, including those diseases that are the leading cause of blindness among infants, children and adults. More than 60 percent of cases of blindness among infants are caused by inherited eye diseases such as congenital (present at birth) cataracts, congenital glaucoma, retinal degeneration. Jul 07,  · thyroid disease or other conditions that push the eyes forward lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other immune system disorders exposure keratitis, which occurs from sleeping with your eyes.

Sep 29,  · Coats disease is a rare eye disorder involving abnormal development of blood vessels in the retina. Located in the back of the eye, the Author: Ann Pietrangelo. Coats disease is a rare condition in which abnormal blood vessels in the retina dilate and leak fluid, resulting in damage to the retina and possibly vision most often appears at years of age, affects males three times more often than females, and usually affects only one eye.