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Dec 30,  · 8 Play Games. Lark & Linen. New Year's Eve doesn't necessarily need to involve sequins, glitter, and a wild night out. Invite your friends and family over for . NEW YEAR'S EVE CHARADES There are many charade word ideas for New Year's Eve that can get your game started. P l a ye rs P a p e r P e n ci l T i me r B o w l N e w Y e a r' s C h a ra d e w o rd s One of the best parts of New Year's Charades is that the game can be as long or as short as everyone wishes. The game ends when the charade.

Dec 31,  · Tiara Toss - Set up any upright item that a player can toss a tiara around — broomstick, the leg of a chair, etc. Give participants three New Year’s Eve-themed tiaras. Establish a line for players to stand behind. Players must keep trying to ring the tiaras until their time is up. Ball Drop - Participants must stand on a chair and attempt to drop ping-pong balls into a bucket on the ground. Plan an evening of fun by choosing a few New Year's Eve party games that are appropriate for kids (and adults) of all ages. 01 of Find the Clock. GMVozd / Getty Images Set an alarm clock to ring in 5 minutes, then hide it someplace in the room (or, for older kids, somewhere in the house). Challenge the kids to find it before it does.

Loaded Questions: Loaded Questions is a hilarious New Year’s Eve party game that works best for adult couples. This is based on the popular board game Adult Loaded Questions but you’ll find a bunch of free questions here that you can write down on slips of paper that are aimed at seeing just how much the men know about their partners. Dec 18,  · Happy New Year Match Game is an exciting activity that can keep seniors’ brains sharp and alert, boosting memory and staving off dementia or Alzheimer’s. Aging adults who are already beginning to experience cognitive challenges can benefit from professional caregivers who have been trained in effective methods of cognitive stimulation.