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Adult educators commonly claim a distinctive nature for their enterprise, implying that adult education [1] differs significantly from the rest of the educational system. This claim refers to its diversity of forms, its voluntary nature and its concern with meeting individual need through a student-centred curriculum. Diversity in education is a wonderful opportunity to create a better sense of community for our kids. Embracing diversity means accepting differences in others. To raise broad-minded and well-educated children we need to teach them to stand up to intolerance and discrimination and to reject stereotypes.

Social Change and Diversity Education March, 4 Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal Volume 1, Issue 3 et al ). Of course, such problems are present within many courses in addition to those which deal with diversity. This brief overview of a few selected articles about diversity education, in sum. Population changes and its effect on adult education Introduction Adult education needs to be appreciated. However, it has to be looked at the contexts of socioeconomic, politics and culture for full appreciation of it (Rubenson, ).

Over the past 30 years, continuing and adult education programs have experienced significant disruptions and changes in the delivery of education and training for its students. Perhaps the most significant change has been the introduction of electronically supported learning modalities in the form of online learning in its various formats to higher education. However, continuing [ ]. The Diversity Committee of the Board of Trustees engages Chris Mosier to talk to parents, faculty, and students in 4th grade and up about his experience as a trailblazing trans triathlete on Team USA.; A task force is established to study The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys and creates a year-long program of workshops for all faculty, as well as interested staff.