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Fifth disease is so named because it is the last condition in the list of five viral rashes that affect children. The other four include measles/mumps, rubella, roseola, and chicken 20 percent of young patients do not display any symptoms of fifth disease, but . The disease occurs most often during the late winter and early spring in children between the ages of 4 and However, older children and adults, especially females, can get it. Fifth disease is contagious (spread from person to person) in the early stages before symptoms appear. Once the rash appears, it is no longer contagious.

Fifth disease is spread through blood and by respiratory droplets that enter the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Adults who work with young children -- . Fifth disease, also known and referred to as erythema infectiosum is so called because, in the past, it was the fifth illness on a list that contained common skin rashes seen affecting children. Children are more likely to develop fifth disease than are adults. The sickness is always caused by parvovirus B

The disease was first described in the ’s. Both females and males can get this disease equally. An adult, especially women who are pregnant or those who have an immune system that is damaged, can get Fifth Disease. Most patients with Fifth Disease get it . Adult Fifth Disease. Fifth Disease and Pregnancy. Usually, there are no serious complications for a pregnant woman or her baby due to fifth disease. About 50 percent of women are already immune to parvovirus B19, and these women and their babies are protected from infection and illness. Even if a woman is susceptible and gets infected with.