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An Adult Education program will help you establish your career in a range of fields, such as international education, post secondary education, life skills coaching, and adult basic education. Instructional Coordinators earned an annual median pay of $64, in as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Award: Diploma This program builds directly on the welding certificate, providing additional skills in advanced welding, robotic welding, NC plasma cutting, weld testing procedures and codes, and layout and fabrication skills intended to prepare graduates for better job opportunities and wages. Program Coordination: Students will earn the Welding Technology Certificate after the first 3.

Beginner. 5 years and up Gymnastics skills are taught with drills and progressions. Tumbling skills such as rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and balances are taught. Strength, flexibility, and shaping are developed at this level on each of the events. Are you a GED-seeking student? KCTCS and KY Skills U (formerly adult education) bring you an innovative GED program where you can co-enroll in both Skills U and short-term KCTCS classes and earn your GED plus a college certificate tuition-free under the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program. Learn more about the program and see what courses are currently being offered!

[menu]menu-adult-education[/menu] Dedicated to serving persons 16 years and older living in College District # For information call Hours: a.m. - p.m., M-F Scheduled Classes:Spring Summer Fall. Adult Education Kentucky Skills U, a unit of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, provides free adult education services in each of Kentucky’s counties. The vision of Kentucky Skills U is that Kentuckians will experience a higher standard of living and quality of life through increased educational attainment. Kentucky Skills U is committed to providing academic and essential.